Skrzynka Intencji

Zapraszamy do zapisywania intencji modlitewnych, które chcą państwo powierzyć naszej wspólnocie parafialnej. Każdego 13. dnia miesiąca w tychże intencjach sprawowana jest w kościele parafialnym Msza Św. Intencje znajdują się również w Księdze Intencji w kaplicy Bożego Miłosierdzia, w której ma miejsce całodzienna adoracja Przenajświętszego Sakramentu. Intencje ze Skrzynki Internetowej powierzane są także modlitewnej trosce Róż Różańcowych i innych indywidualnych osób.

Jeśli chcą państwo złożyć ofiarę za intencje modlitewne, to proszę to uczynić wpłacając na konto parafialne: ING BANK ŚLĄSKI S.A. / O. W KUŹNI RACIBORSKIEJ

nr rachunku IBAN: pl 86 1050 1328 1000 0004 0337 2006

nr swift/bic: ingbplpw

(1857) Butterfly
13.06.2016 22:14:56

Brigham, can you show pics of these at night? Also regarding the homeless problem, it12;#&78s never going away as long as skid row is around the corner. Many of the homeless people prefer sleeping on the street than in the shelter for their own reasons, they just go there to have a meal and come back.

(1856) Malerie
13.06.2016 22:13:22

Hi Jeremiah,Love your blogs and site. I’m a writer/​editor just get­ting started with WordPress, blog­ging, etc.I just wanted to men­tion that “Cohen” broth­ers is spelled “Coen”. (The proof­reader in me won’t let me rest.…)I may be call­ing you for help with my sist!Beet,Arianne Pfoutz

(1855) Sparky
13.06.2016 22:13:11

* Update: I realised that my ‘UK clinics’ have been rather Loe-nodcnntric, as that is where I’m based. I’ve now emailed a wider selection around the country and will update this post as I receive information.

(1854) Reno
13.06.2016 22:11:22

The really strange thing is that so many IStevers (iilducnng Steve himself?) believe that people like Diveroli, because of their smarts and whiles, are great threats to the US.No. The really strange thing is that you apparently don't see him - and people like him - as a threat to the United States.

(1853) Sandy
13.06.2016 21:53:24

That's a smart way of lokinog at the world.

(1852) Mattingly
13.06.2016 21:50:53

That's a posting full of inhigst!

(1851) Emeline
13.06.2016 21:00:25

That's a knowing answer to a diifcfult question

(1850) Bobbe
13.06.2016 20:34:01

I’ve let external events choose for me. My long time girlfriend and [hopefully] future wife is a Russian emigre. So, Russian it is. (While hopefully keeping my Spanish paelsbas).It’s definitely upped my interest in Central Asia and it helps that it is a top tier (albeit falling) language. I don’t know what I’d have done had she been say, Armenian or Qechuan.

(1849) Madge
13.06.2016 20:29:25

Free knowledge like this doesn't just help, it promote decomracy. Thank you.

(1848) Keshawn
13.06.2016 20:13:29

it came from trac4ytAnd, I hink I remember seeing this name, but, when I put it in the search box, it came back with "no such number, no one ho(otquo&;mek, the words were from a baby boomers recollection of old record hits...but, give me a break. Last night I dreamed I was a car muffler and this morning I woke up exhausted....)

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